Second Brain Sync

Revolutionize your notes into daily nuggets of wisdom

Unlock the full potential of your Obsidian notes. Transform your notes into structured daily summaries, expanded notes, and quizzes, straight to your inbox everyday.

The perfect AI learning companion for Obsidian

Unlock the full potential of your Obsidian notes.

Summaries for Clarity

Every day, get detailed & configurable email summaries of your chosen Obsidian notes, simplifying the process of revisiting and comprehending essential ideas and information.

Engaging Quizzes

Turn your notes into engaging quizzes delivered straight to your inbox. Review them daily to reinforce your understanding and retention of the material.

Expanded Notes

Enhance your notes with AI-powered insights that adds relevant, contextual information, broadening your perspective on each topic for a more comprehensive understanding.

Uncompromised Security

Your notes are safe with us. We ensure end-to-end encryption and secure storage. Plus, once processed, your data is completely and automatically deleted for your peace of mind.

Selective Processing

You are in full control. We only processes the notes you have chosen. Simply tag them with our custom Obsidian property, and we'll handle the rest.

Effortless Automation

Set it and forget it. After specifying your notes for review, our system autonomously manages the summarization and expansion process, saving you time and effort.

How it works

Effortlessly Integrate Second Brain Sync into Your Workflow

1. Install the Obsidian plugin
Installing the plugin is as simple as clicking a button. No need to worry.
2. Generate Your Access Token
Securely link your Obsidian plugin with Second Brain Sync by generating an access token on your dashboard. This token needs to be entered in the plugin settings to authenticate your account.
3. Select Notes for Review
Choose the notes you wish to enhance by adding the second-brain-syc: true property. This simple action earmarks your notes for transformation.
4. Receive Your First Insightful Nugget
You're all set! Start creating your nuggets and watch your notes come to life.

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